For 2018, we’ve been able to lower our rates for Access+ HMO®, while still offering CalPERS members one of the largest networks of providers in California. Members have access to more than 11,000 primary care physicians, more than 300 hospitals, and more than 21,500 specialists.
Blue Shield Access+ HMO plan benefits
Discover the benefits of Access+ HMO® for CalPERS, now with lower rates and one of the largest provider networks in California
We continue our quest to slash opioid use among our health plan members
As most of us are aware, opioid prescriptions in the United States have tripled since 1999, causing social and economic problems, numerous accidental deaths from drug overdoses, and five-times the hospital admissions for addictive treatments. We are in the midst of an epidemic.

In 2015, Blue Shield launched the Narcotics Safety Initiative (NSI) geared towards reducing the over use and over prescribing of opioids for pain-related treatments. Based on year-end results for 2017, we have slashed the overall consumption of opioids among members with non-cancer pain by 42% and we are on our way of hitting our goals of a 50% reduction by the end of 2018.

For more information on how the NSI is making a difference in the fight against opioids, please read the full press release.
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