For 2018, we’ve been able to lower our rates for Access+ HMO®, while still offering CalPERS members one of the largest networks of providers in California. Members have access to more than 11,000 primary care physicians, more than 300 hospitals, and more than 21,500 specialists.
Blue Shield Access+ HMO plan benefits
Discover the benefits of Access+ HMO® for CalPERS, now with lower rates and one of the largest provider networks in California
Our commitment to bring health care into the digital age
Blue Shield recently announced that we will require our network providers to participate in Manifest MedEx, the largest nonprofit health information network. Manifest MedEx currently facilitates the secure exchange of 11 million patient claims records and 5 million patient clinical records for more than 200 participating partners.

Created through collaboration among California's leading providers and health plans, Manifest MedEx makes it easier for doctors, hospitals, and other care providers to securely review, analyze, and share medical information across the healthcare system.

Blue Shield is encouraging participation among healthcare providers, health plans, and payers to help create a real-time, digital health record on an open platform to improve quality of care that's more sustainably affordable.

Please read the full press release and visit to learn more.
As new enrollees, CalPERS Blue Shield members will receive everything they need to help them understand and access care with Blue Shield:

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